The Golan Trail

The Golan Trail is a 120 km hike across the Golan Heights- from mount Hermon in the north to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) in the south.


The Golan Heights were a part of Syria from the end of the French mandate in 1944 and up to the Six Day War in 1967. During the war Israel conquered the Heights from Syria to use them as leverage in the upcoming peace talks. However, these peace talks broke down and in 1977 Israel applied its own laws over the Golan Heights. Today it is one of Israel’s best areas to enjoy the beauty of nature due to its relatively small population and abundance of springs.


The springs were created as a result of volcanic eruptions that occured across the Golan and filled the once-valley with layers of volcanic rock creating what we know today as the Golan Heights. The views here are unique and changes through the seasons.

While walking in the Golan Heights, especially if thru-hiking the Golan Trail, you must be aware that the volcanic rock (and therefore the whole area) gets very hot at summer while the height makes it cold at nights and somewhat snowy at winter. It’s better to plan your thru-hike ahead; if you speed-hiker or ultralight hiker you can manage it in 4-6 days. I would recommend allowing 7 days so you can detour to springs and settlements along the trail.


Ask me for more information or
contact me for guided walks and thru-hikes of the Golan Heights


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