Fitness of a wanderer

Sometimes travel means vacation- A break from life and all the responsibilities included in the day-to-day routine. A time to do all what you can’t do at home and stop doing all those boring daily stuff.
I personally prefer to see it in a different view. if a person needs such a break from life, I believe they live the wrong life for them. But well, not everyone have to agree.

My way of looking at travel:
Finally it’s about time to get to that place I wanted to go to for so long! Or time to see this and that. I want to do everything I can while I’m there but time is always pushing.

So while at home I build my fitness towards the next journey. I do HIIT and TRX and trail run in order to be able to hike all the hike I want and carrying a full backpack as long as I would need to. It’s partly because all the lessons I’ve learnt when I went backpacking for the first time, in Turkey on 2010.

To be able to enjoy my wanders to the fullest I need to be physically strong.
But what happens when bad weather or your travel partner makes you change your journey in rhythm or style? It happened to me on my trip to Panama with my spouse on 2014 when he got ill.

I couldn’t imagine wasting all that efforts and then just rest, relax and lose it all. So I went running. What else can a hyper person do?

Morning run in Panama city, just in time for sunrise
Morning run in Panama city, just in time for sunrise

There are two great ways to keep your fitness- active travel and workouts.

Active travel means hiking, trekking (thru-hiking), trail running, water sports and such.
Workouts during travels are less known option. I would keep them to the times I just can make my travels active by their nature. Then it means either to find a gym/studio just like at home and get to know some locals this way might be cool, Or working out by tour own at your terms. While traveling I sometimes lack my alone time so I prefer to workout by myself.

The best ways I found to work out alone anywhere are TRX and outdoor running. They are so good because they can be done almost everywhere and don’t require much equipment.

All you need for a TRX workout is some experience and a suspension trainer. Before you decide to buy those, go to a great instructor for a while, learn how to use it, find out if it’s fun for you and suits you, this experience is important. After a while buy your own suspension trainer. To complete a set I would recommend using an app (you would probably have wifi at your accommodation) to create the best workouts, especially if it’s new to you. There are many apps, free and paid. I like Bodyweight right now, it gives great structure to the independent workout.

TRX suspension training - can be done EVERYWHERE
TRX suspension training – can be done EVERYWHERE

For a run, you only need good shoes. If you read my idea of great shoes you should know that almost every minimalist shoe id a good running shoe as long as you are used to it. It saves from taking yet another pair of shoes along with you. If you prefer traditional shoes just don’t forget to pack your running shoes with you, you’ll find them useful anyway.

Do you have a great idea of sport a person can do while traveling? Something that doesn’t require heavy equipment and can be done in various place? Tell my at the comments below.


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