The excitement for a new journey

Next week I’ll be on my way to the airport, catching my flight to my fantasy destination – New Zealand. According to the flight tickets I should be back home at the 5 of December, but since there is a first change for free on the ticket, I always keep in mind that it might be longer. It’s also the first time I’ll take a journey alone by full choice. 

With each day my adrenaline rises, up to the point that last week there was one night in which I just couldn’t sleep! It made me realise how anxious I am and that I need to relax.

Here are all my tips to relax and ease the excitement, until the day arrives:

  1. Get busy: keep working until the last day, as if you are not going anywhere. keep acting as if both your feet are on the ground (workwise). It will also get you some more pocket money for your journey and make your boss and colleagues respect you enough so they might help you get back to work upon return.
  2. Use your adrenaline:  It’s a great time to get in shape, so either register to a gym or studio or keep your membership to the last day. pro tip: freeze the membership so when you come back home and have some spare time until getting your life up speed, you’ll have some membership time left. Plus, it can get you ready for fitness-required adventures and you can ask the instructor to show you exercises you can do on your own while travelling.

3. Talk it off: Before a longer journey try meeting as many of your friends as you can- It will ease your longing for them while away. Also, you can talk off all your fears  and wishes for the journey with many people many times so you won’t get one person crazy. Talk about other stuff also and don’t forget you are not the only one with important things happening in your life right now. It’s their chances also to talk to you face to face and open their heartsץ

4. Check list: If you’re already thinking and wondering about it, at least check that you have prepared everything you need. Check your travel insurance and flight times- In my case, I just realised that at the night before my flight the national clock transition from daylight saving time to standard time. You can also start packing. In my case it’s impossible to do it so soon because I use everything all the time, but if you are packing for the kind of trip for the first time at least check you have everything you need if you can’t or doesn’t want to buy it on your destination.

5. Do at home all those things you know you’ll miss doing while away. For me it’s family time and boyfriend time. I also play more with my dog, wish I could take them with me.My beloved spouse and dog6. Remember it’s okay to get excited, but keep your cool enough to enjoy your days and sleep every now and then. Soon I’ll add a page about positive intelligence and mindfulness tricks to center you on tough times.


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