10k race first timer

Just finished the race

Well, I have never ran 10 kilometers at once before, though I intended to exercise since last month when I registered to K8 race in memory of major Uri Azulai.

Considering my starting point, all I wished for myself was to finish it in less than an hour and a half, considering walking as a real option.

pre-race sterching
pre-race stretching
Start off
Start off

At the morning of the race I decided to try a new running app called “run the music”, downloaded some Greenday albums, and went for it. The app itself was a revelation! You insert the distance you intend to run and your wishful pace- If you run at that pace the music will sound great, but if you run faster the music will too and the same if you slow your pace. Ultimately it helped me keep my pace up and Greenday sounded great even when the song had a little faster rhythm than supposed to.

Excited and happy post-race
Excited and happy post-race

I had let myself walk a few times during the race, but the music in my ears sounded so bad when I did so I couldn’t walk for more than a minute at a time. My dad came to cheer me up and stood by the road right on the 7th kilometer- and gave me the high morale I needed for the last few minutes.

After that I saw the same amount of people walking the last meters and running past me, with each of them I felt more encouraged to keep going.

Something happened in me after the 7th k or so – A feeling of continuity of my movements.

When I got to the last 500 meters I sprinted, couldn’t believe I even could sprint but I did any way.

It was the best hour and 8.5 minutes of my life.


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