Wanders about backpacking

Since I got to New Zealand, almost a month ago, I couldn’t let myself spend too much time writing. The time needed to get in touch with loved ones back home, check minimal amount of messages and book a few things ahead  got me way enough of screen time. It feels like a shame to waste more time than needed on screen.
And realising this made me realise I also sleep a little less here.
I wander if traveling makes me better at time management. Every single day is cherished, is meaningful.
All I do is get from one place to another,  half hiking half by transport, and getting amazed wherever I am.


Every place holds different surprises and so many interesting people are found around me.
I could do this all the time as far as I concerned, but the fact is there are too many important people and experiences at home that I don’t want to miss either.
So this is about the middle of the journey, but don’t you guys think for a moment that I forgot about you or this blog. All I have learnt here will get posted, but maybe a little later.
There are way too many discoveries waiting for me here and I don’t like to keep them waiting too long.



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