A twist to the dventure

From a traveller to a student

Since I’ve travelled to New Zealand, I kinda stopped writing the blog. I just didn’t have the time. Well… I really lacked of bandwidth, because NZ hostels lack in that department.

When I got back home I found myself taken into different adventures, fitted to my occupation as a tour guide (wine tourism expertise yay) and trek guide (mindful-treks expertize journey) on which I might write some time because it actually got me to realise a lot of stuff. Then it turned spring – the season for desert tours, so school-tours took me by storm for week-length treks guiding.

unforgetable views from the lucky hike

Then the twist came along.

During a hike in Judean desert, guiding 11th grade pupils, in a no-reception area, I got a magical phone call.

The woman on the other side sounded nice, a bit as if she is trying to sell me something, but the number seemed like it came from Haifa University…
She offered me a scholarship- full on with pocket money for the exact BA I wished to take on if I didn’t have to work – Israel studies which I was already registered to, and Education. It sounded funkey. I couldn’t beliave it was real. I’ve never heard of “Ruah HaCarmel”scholarship and thought it’s a joke. I never win prizes!

Up’til now!

There was still a day for the trip I was at, and I just was amazed- the group I had at the time was amazing so I told them all about it – they celabrated with me and it was amazing. A week later me and my supportive spouse grabbed ourselves and moved to the city of Haifa. During the move I was still making “I’m sorry” calls to schools and tour agancies explaining I need to cancel almost all my jobs.

So since then, early March, I’m a full-time student, having an exellence gpa to achive.
I hope to restart writing-photo-1453219562534-36e2ce0ea18e.jpg about student life and unsetisfied wonder lust.


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