A month to finals – tips and tricks

It’s in the air – finals are coming. You might feel as if there’s a lot of time, but figuring  most of us have at least 4 big final exams, this is the time to take a big breath and dive in.

Here are my best tips, which had helped me on the huge tour guide exam a few years ago – I’m gonna use them again although this time I need a 86+ GPA to stay on scholarship.

  1. Get to the two last lessons of each course: Even if you need to work and you usually don’t attend lessons, you should grab a coffee and get to class; Professors are more tuned to finals and some do Q&A lessons for finals since they already finished teaching the material for the course. Don’t relay on others to summarize that for you; that’s the point when people start writing in their calendar instead of summing.
  2. make a finals-chart: Sum for yourself what is needed for every course in order to finish it right. Here’s mine:

    how to study for finals chart
    example of my own chart for 2016 spring finals
  3. create to-do list for every week based on your chart: I didn’t send you working just for fun. Use the chart from last paragraph to creat weekly to do’s in advance. This way you can spread the work with no stress.
  4. Make time for sports! You’ve probably heard of this one:
    There are many researches showing that if you do some aerobics daily, it will affect positively on your mind. That really helps while you try to get good grades and memorize all that stuff. Plus, you’ll get some free time for your mind this way, maybe even with a friend. And last reason to convince you, is the vacation at the end of finals – which you’ll be happy to get into without extra weight.
  5. Make no excuses: Take a moment to evaluate your real ability, try to loosen up, and find a positive way to decide when enough is enough. For some light reading, I recommend to read the book “positive intelligence”.
  6. If you need help, get it! It might be some private class (pay by doing something for the tutor if you lack money), Have Q&A meeting with friends, or get emotional help if you are too stressed.

See yourself for who you really are and know your limits. Sleep enough, eat enough and remember that life shouldn’t stop because of finals. Start studying now, so you won’t have to stop from living later.


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