Minimal sandals – Xero shoes

When you think of minimal footwear, sandals sometimes get forgotten, yet they are the ultimate minimal shoe ever.
I usually chose between a minimal running shoe and actually going barefoot for the last 2
years, but during the last summer I decided to find the best minimalist sandal I can hike in- to keep me safe from evil splinters, won’t get my feet hot and dry quickly after in-water 12039433_10153600478498905_4276327527949117905_nhikes. then I discovered Xero Shoes and ordered online. Their costumer service is great and it’s the only company that made me feel as if they REALLY care if I like their product or not.

And I love it!
Also, it never hurts that they are so thin and light that they were sent to me in an envelope- and I’ll never hesitate for a second before taking them as camp shoe or water shoe on thru-hikes.

*I was not payed for this review, just love the product.


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