Minimalist running shoes – vivobearfoot trail freak

While getting to know of the barefoot running movement, I realized that is how I should start with minimalist shoes.
You might wonder why- Well… Just because I couldn’t find any running shoe that I could LOVE. I also remembered that as a child and in my teens I was running barefoot a lot.

So I checked around. The only minimal running shoe I could find in stores (in Israel) was vibram 5 fingers, which seemed too much for me. I like to wear the same shoes before and after workout and didn’t want to be asked lots of questions or look too weird.

5k race with trail freak

Then I started looking online until I found vivobarefoot. Their site helped me find trail running shoes that seemed good for what I needed so I went for it. Since then I ran much more, I guess the comfortable shoes had something to do with it.

The good:

  • Good ground grip.
  • adjustable and comfy.

    My first pair of "trail freak"
    My first pair of “trail freak”
  • dryes fast after wash or mud running.
  • Looks nice.

The bad:

  • Tears fast
  • The insoles don’t hold well when used in water- Had to throw them away after one day of rafting. Without them the shoe is even more minimal.

Bottom line: I love the shoes although they don’t hold well. Wish they won’t tare so fast. Bought a second pair after a year.

  • More about vivobarefoot shoes in a post about their hiking boot coming soon.